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Heaven’s Agenda and the New World Order (pt2)

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November 17, 2012 in Activism


Again I state the need for us to have settled minds regarding the sovereignty of God. The events of the day are making a loud and terrifying sound. Are you like those who discern not the hand of God and the power of heaven, and the sound unto you is as a deafening ground-shaking thunder? Are you like those fleeing from the earthshaking sound to hide themselves under the rocks (man-made truths, such as the rapture theory) and in the dens of the earth (religious doctrines and practices)? Or are you as one who hears instead of thunder, the awesome Voice of God speaking from heaven, saying; rejoice, because your redemption draws nigh.

Thanks be to the Father for giving us “eyes to see” one of the many “wonders of heaven” in the development and end of the New World Order power as following the divine pattern and type of the Assyrian as revealed in the scriptures. Like as the Assyrians of old, in their pride and stout-heartedness they believe they are acting on their own, that their wisdom and their power has given them what they posses and have control over. When in fact they have no clue that they have been raised up by God as the rod of his anger, and are following a blueprint written in the heavenlies, or the spiritual revelations of the Word of God. They think they have their act together, but in truth they can neither discern the one hand from the other. Or in simpler terms, they have no idea what there really doing and what their works are amounting to They know not what they do. Neither do they know or consider their end.

And now that we have “eyes to see” the many wonders “written in the heavens” and “ears to hear” the “voice of God” speaking out of the midst of our fiery times and trying circumstances it becomes easier for us to determine the will of heaven and begin to walk accordingly. I say this because it is God’s stated will that “all” men come unto repentance and under the authority of the Son. God is raising us up as the body of Christ, as the instrument of his salvation and the fulfiller of his will and of his Word. Therefore as the confessors of Christ we are to preach repentance before God and speak peace unto the nations, including the Neo-Assyrians.

This brings me to the revelation of Jonah, the Prophet, or the spiritual understanding gained from the Holy Spirit’s illumination of the testimony of his life as recorded in the Word of God. Just as the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, the testimony of Jonah is the spirit of the words we are to speak to the center and capitol of the Neo-Assyrian power. Words when spoken in the name of Christ the chief Prophet, God will fulfill and bring to pass. Therefore it’s important that we are speaking what God wants spoken. ”As I hear I speak”, said Jesus. The testimony of Jonah the Prophet is given to us for this purpose.

Jonah was raised up by God under the cruelties of the Assyrian Empire’s evil rise to power, ordained a prophet and commission to go preach repentance to Nineveh, the capitol of Assyria.

Now the word of the LORD came unto Jonah the son of Amittai, saying,
Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me.
(Jon 1:1-2)

Well now Jonah had a big problem with this, so much so, that he abandoned his calling, forsook his family, his people, his nation and his possessions in order to flee from will of God, and what appeared to him as the injustice of a just God. Shortly you’ll find yourself identifying with the reluctant Jonah on many levels, as I myself have come to do. To the Hebrew mind repentance meant a fundamental shift from the place of incurring and deserving the wrath of God to a place of receiving the forgiveness and the blessings of God. I can hear Jonah now, say what? You mean you want me to go to those cruel murderers that have pillaged our lands, taxed and overburdened the people, raped our women, stole our houses, our farms and our livelihoods, poisoned and diseased the populace, destroyed nations not a few, tortured and imprisoned many, laid waste cities, killing women and children, and now they have turned their sight towards the children of thy people seeking to make a full end of us and enslave the residue. And now you want me to go preach repentance unto these wild beasts, whereupon they will receive forgiveness and blessing if they heed. Instead of which, according to all my sensibilities; the divine wrath they so rightly deserve.

Your a just God, where’s the justice in this. Where’s the justice for all those that have suffered by the cruel hands of these murderers. Do not they deserve to be harshly treated, imprisoned, tortured, and suffer loss of place and possessions. Are not they worthy of death for the blood of the hundreds of millions of soul that are upon their hands? I feel you Jonah… Nevertheless, Jonah was unable to see the bigger picture so God used a gourd plant, a devouring worm and a hot east wind to teach him. It is in this lesson that God shapes what we think, feel and should speak as his anointed servants concerning the cruel NWO Assyrian types.

First let me speak in defense of God and the greater scheme of things before returning to Jonah, and our identification with him and the lessons to be learned. Early in scripture, at the beginning of the divine revelation of God to his earthbound creatures, we find the Spirit of God involved in the creation process. A process, in type, covering a seven-day period that we have come to refer to as the “Creation Week”. On the sixth day of this creation week was man made in the image and likeness of his creator, and on the seventh day God rested from his labors. With a thousand years being as a single day with God, we can say with scriptural authority that the creation week “type” covers a period of seven thousand years. Looking at this with spiritual eyes, we can say that the overall, final, and complete development of humanity into the image and likeness of our creator will occur during the sixth thousand day period of the creation week. With the seventh day thousand-year period ushering in the rest of God from his creation process.
This “rest” of God, that we will be entering into is nothing less than the eternal kingdom and authority of God. So then the “big picture” from God’s point of view is that 6000 years of birthing pains is nothing compared to the eternity of life waiting in store for humanity. Ten-thousands years from now, in a world enjoying the unparalleled blessings of love, joy and peace in the eternal kingdom of God, the six thousand year of suffering (the birth pangs of humanity) will have been cast into the sea of forgetfulness. The “type” that applies here is as a woman quickly forgetting the labor pains and rejoicing in the life that was brought forth.

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.
For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.
For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope,
Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.
(Rom 8:18-22)

As a physician hands over the new arrival into the arms of the awaiting mother, the newborn creation shall be placed in the hands and care of the children of God. In essence, we are in the final stages of the creation process.

Jonah, with a little further persuading from God; eventually relented, and preached unto the city of Nineveh. The Assyrians repented themselves of their evil ways, and divine judgment and wrath was averted. Yet Jonah still maintained his deep-seated anger at the Assyrians. Now it came to pass that Jonah went outside the city a made a booth to lodge in. As he was resting from the heat of the day God caused a gourd plant to cover Jonah’s booth with it’s vines and it’s leaves which shaded Jonah from the hot sun and brought him much relief. Then God sent a worm which devoured the plant removing the shade and then he sent a hot east wind, which of course brought Jonah much discomfort. The short of it is; that it was the acts of God that brought Jonah his pleasure and it was acts of God that brought forth his discomfort, and the gourd (the good doer). the worm (the evildoer) and the hot east wind (the harsh circumstances) were all brought about by his supernatural acts to facilitate the process. Jonah was brought to understand that the Assyrians were brought forth by God for his purposes and that those among them are instruments of heaven’s will. Although God explained to Jonah that scores of souls in the city had no idea that they were being used of God in such a manner, seeing that they were unable to discern the right hand from the left (compartmentalized ?). What Jonah could not see was that, as the spiritual experience of Jonah’s people while enduring the cruelties of the Assyrians was designed by God to bring them unto repentance and future blessing. On the flip side, the spiritual experience of the Assyrians was also designed by God to bring them unto the place of repentance and subsequent blessing. So that “all” would be saved….

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!
(Rom 11:33)

Upon repentance to the work of God’s hand following the Assyrian judgment program upon the nations, Israel would have become exalted as a nation of kings and priests and the Assyrians and the surrounding nations would have an elevated light to guide them out of darkness and into the blessings of God.

So you see, God is working it out by his great wisdom and compassion for humanity that “all” men are saved and enter into the kingdom and glory of God. Whether we see people as vessels of honor or dishonor, or as vessels fitted for destruction, our Christlike message to the world is to repent, believe the Gospel and come “all” in the kingdom prepared for us from the foundation of the world. The world doesn’t have a overwhelming New World Order agenda problem as such, we have a lack of the knowledge (awareness) of God problem for which our hypocritical ways are being destroyed by the evil agenda raised up by God. We can’t change the world by attacking Assyrian types and the NWO agenda in and of itself, we change the world by rising from our spiritual deadness, coming out of darkness and becoming like Christ (spiritually anointed servants) and getting about the Father’s business of preaching repentance before God and the gospel of the kingdom of Righteousness to the world.

The great lesson to be learned which should be carefully noted is that Jesus upbraided the Jewish nation for their hardness of heart and lack of repentance and the rejection of his message to repent and to enter into the kingdom (blessing) prepared for them. The corrupt leaders had hardened their hearts against the work that God had done among them to prepare them for a change in direction and a new way of life,. This is why Jesus stated that the the men of Nineveh shall rise up in judgment against them for they repented at the preaching of Jonah and a now greater servant of God than Jonah was sent unto them. Even though the acts of the Assyrians may not sit well with us, the unseen work of God in their midst produced the fruits necessary for repentance at the preaching of Jonah. As for the Jewish nation, their confidence in men and their corrupted opinions they held so dearly caused them to reject their Light, their salvation and their call to repentance This is their judgment, they refused to repent and turn from the wrong ways and was left to their utter destruction. Let us learn the lesson and not repeat their mistakes. For in ways that may seem hard for us to comprehend, the heart of the evildoer proved closer to God than those who thought themselves near. Therefore as a hypocritical nation we must honestly ask ourselves, are our hearts nearer to God in repentance than those of the evil Assyrian types. Let us not therefore judge and condemn other men but repent and believe the gospel of our salvation and get about the Father’s business.

The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it:
because they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.
(Mat 12:41)

God has not let the Assyrian off the hook for their crimes, for “lest they repent”, total and complete destruction will come upon them. God will leave them neither root nor branch. This means that everything and everyone that’s rooted in their rebellion against God, and everything and everyone that has branched off from their evil corrupt ways will be utterly and completely destroyed by the judgment of God. Lest they repent. God is a God of “poetic justice”, God is not mocked, what goes around comes around. From the least of them to the greatest of them, all those who are of the rebellious spirit shall be destroyed including their families. For herein lies the patience of the saints, for those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

In the book of Esther we discover the manner in which God deals with those who secretly plot the destruction of his people. In the story of Esther we see a Jewish princess in a time of crisis appealing to the King in the land on the behalf of her people. For in due time a man named Haman became the 2nd highest authority in the land, second only to the king of Assyria himself. Haman’s hatred of the subject Jewish people and his quest for power and glory led him to deceive the people of the nation and circumvent the king’s authority as he secretly plotted the destruction of the Jewish people. He even went as far as to have gallows pre-erected for their extermination as he worked feverishly to bring about his evil genocidal plans. God intervened and the plot was revealed to Mordecai who convinced Esther to appeal to the king on behalf of her people. The king angered at Haman’s arrogance and deceit, favored Esther’s request and the very apparatus Haman brought forth for the destruction of the Jews was used by the king for Haman’s destruction and all those that were connected to him. So you see my friends, God is indeed a God of poetic justice.

How does this story apply to our current situation you may ask. Well the highest authority in our land under God is the Constitution and those second in power to it has turned against it and are plotting the destruction of the king’s (our Constitution) subjects. In light of the secretive evil plot, I and those like you who are awake and knowingly or unknowingly serving the will of God are like Mordecai, appealing to Esther (those in favor with the king, believers) to appeal to our Constitution (our king) on behalf of our Christian people and nation. This spiritual process is well underway and our Constitution and the recent anti-terrorist legislation put in place by the evildoers, is already calling for their destruction as traitors and terrorist. The very apparatus brought forth by the evil plotters will be used for their end, leaving them neither root nor branch. Lest they stand down and repent of their evil rebellion against God and our king, they and their families will be the ones shackled hand and foot in their Fema trains. They will be the ones carried off to the Fema camps and the Fema ovens. God is not mocked, what goes around comes around. God’s word will be fulfilled to the letter. God’s spirits sent forth to bring about his will and to fulfill his Word are like the mighty winds. The evildoers may think themselves all-powerful but no man can resist the wind, nor stay the hand of God.

Again; herein lies the patience of the saints. For good men don’t imagine building gallows and fema camps. Good men don’t create anti-terror legislation to be used as a great sword to strike down nations and oppress the people. But like as the good king in the story of Esther the apparatus they have created will be used by a good man armed with the truth, like a Ron Paul type to judge them with their own words and condemn them thru their own doings. This allows for a good man to commit the unpleasant act of putting away the evil and remain just before God and in the eyes of the people…

From my article written in 2005 entitled
The revelation of Jesus Christ (the next great movement of the Spirit of God)


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