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Hands Off Syria And Iran! Say NO To World War 3 Protest In Charlotte, North Carolina!

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January 1, 2013 in Activism


faCEBOOK EVENT-http://www.facebook.com/events/146290452185602

On January 26th at 12pm we will gather at the corner of Trade and Tryon to tell the U. S government and NATO that the people of Charlotte, North Carolina will not tolerate more provocative acts or military intervention against Iran, and Syria. We will not be fooled again after a Million Iraqis and 4,488 U.S troops were killed based on lies. We will not let the U.S government start another illegal war, and we will inspire other American cities to join us in showing the world that Americans have woken up and will resist these wars until all of our troops come home. Our demands are simple, no Syria or Iran intervention and an end to the provocative actions the U.S and NATO is using against them; we stand in solidarity with all indigenous people resisting occupation.
What Provocative acts is the U.S and NATO using against Iran?
The U.S has repeatedly sent U.S drones into Iranian airspace and has taken credit for the Stuxnet virus which hacked their nuclear facilities. Both these actions are an act of war and illegal under international law. NATO member countries have introduced crippling sanctions against Iran, which is starving the Iranian people and does no harm to the government; this is only provoking the sovereign country of Iran and will erase any possibility of a nuclear free middle east.
What provocative acts is the U.S and NATO using against Syria?
The U.S and NATO has financially supported the Syrian rebels which are linked to Al Qaeda and jihadist groups. The Free Syrian Army rebels have ignited a civil war in the country and have committed war crimes just like the Assad regime has. The U.S and NATO continue to back and arm the rebels even though they refuse to participate in peace talks or cease fires. The U.S has stationed warships outside Syria and is ready to invade at any time. Because of this, Syria is on the brink of destruction.
Wouldn’t invading these countries keep the United States and the west safe?
Absolutely not, invading these countries that border Europe and Israel will ignite a third world war that could become a nuclear conflict. Russia has agreed that they will fight the west if they strike Iran because they border the nation and they do not want the conflict spilling into their country. There is no evidence Iran is working on making a nuclear bomb and Iran hasn’t attacked anyone in 250 years. However, if our government continues to threaten and use covert warfare against Iran, that could drive them to do such a thing. Meanwhile if NATO invades Syria it will only make more enemies. We have seen in Libya the west did not bring freedom to the country, it brought even more chaos and a U.S ambassador was murdered months later in response. Remember that one man’s collateral damage is another man’s son, and that will create more enemies.
What would be the impact on our country if we invade Iran and Syria?
Let us remember how much 9-11 has changed American Society. We have lost a lot of our constitutional rights in response to just one large terrorist attack. If we invade these countries there will be more terrorist attacks in the United States, because the militant Islamists will gain thousands of more members, and the armies of Iran and Syria will be able to get operatives in this country. In response our rights as we know it will be gone, American lifestyle will become even more fear driven and we will be forced to give up all of our freedoms for security. Let us also remember it’s taken longer than a decade to fight a guerrilla group in Afghanistan with the help of Afghan security forces and we have had little to no progress in winning that war or making it a safer place. If we cannot win in Afghanistan how on Earth could we invade these countries that will have highly advanced armies ready to fight until the end? At the same time our country is almost 17 trillion dollars in debt these wars will also bankrupt this country.
So what is the solution in Syria? If we don’t act wouldn’t that imply that it’s okay to kill your own people? , We cannot intervene in Syria because it will ignite a world conflict, the only solution is to leave Syria to the Syrian people. As apathetic as that may sound it’s the only way we can respect the Syrian people. The Syrian people are not calling for intervention; most of Syria supports their leader in this situation. The rebels that are calling for intervention are a very small minority of the country, and a large part of the rebels are not even from Syria. NATO is lying when it says they will invade under the banner of human rights. NATO and the U.S is selectively supporting the Arab revolutions that are going against dictators that don’t cooperate with them. There are currently revolutions in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Yemen where the demonstrators are being shot, tortured, and executed. Even the doctors are being killed for treating the demonstrators in Bahrain. So why is the U.S not saying anything about this? It’s because these dictators cooperate with NATO and they will never say a word about how they treat their people. Hillary Clinton had the King of Bahrain visit the state department, Obama meets with and has even bowed to the Saudi King, and the dictator of Yemen was allowed to flee to New York to get medical treatment. Do you think they would let Assad, the leader of Syria do this? No I didn’t think so. So them claiming to be for human rights and spreading democracy to the Middle East is a lie, just as it was during the illegal invasion of Iraq.
What do we stand for?
We are an anti-authoritarian collective in Charlotte called The Hornets Nest. We do not support Assad or any dictators around the world, and we believe they must fall. However, we must stand against western imperialism. Your tax dollars fund the bullets and bombs that are used on indigenous populations all around the world, and if you don’t stand against it you have blood on your hands. We see corruption running all areas of our lives here in America, and Charlotte, and right now is the time to resist these upcoming wars. We refuse to let our children live in a world that will accept world wars when they know at heart it is absolutely unnecessary. Let this rally be the beginning of us ending our fear, let this rally be the start of an uprising that’s been creeping in Charlotte and the United States. Share this information with your neighbors and everyone you know. it’s time to rise up!

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