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Hagel Confirmation

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February 17, 2013 in Activism


I don’t know what happened to the patriotic Senator Hagel who had a backbone, but I’m thinking he’s still there and just saying what he has to say to get that cabinet post where, unless he’s a completely different man now, I firmly believe he will be an asset to our government.  Not sure why Obama nominated him – some say its O’s response to Netanyahu’s Romney support; but whatever reason, the man made a lot of sense back in his controversial days of making such outrageous statements as ‘i’m not an israeli senator; i’m an american senator’, which showed american patriotism and backbone to fly in the face of the israel lobby, WHICH, by the way, is the REAL reason his appointment hasn’t been confirmed in the Senate yet.  SO… if you’ve checked out Chuck Hagel and think he oughta be the Sec of Defense, please grab your 2 senators’ contact info here:


and send them the following letter, or your personalized version:

Senator [name],

I am writing today to express concern over the apparent reluctance of the Senate to confirm the appointment of Chuck Hagel to Secretary of Defense.  Mr. Hagel’s past comments show him to be an uncommon American patriot with backbone to stand against the powerful Israel lobby, in his constituents’ best interest, even if many didn’t realize or appreciate the magnitude of his actions and/or words. Unless you know something we don’t, and are willing to give us a very good reason why Chuck Hagel should not be appointed SoD, please honor the will of your constituents and confirm his appointment.  We are awake, and aware, and watching.  We will know whether your loyalty lies with your constituents, or elsewhere, based on your response to Chuck Hagel’s nomination.


[your name]

Political Activist

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