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goddamn trannies

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November 14, 2017 in Activism


I knew shit was fucked up and seen some of these movies but didn’t know it had gone so deep into such hellish corruption.

The world is decimating life and multiplying corruption… all of that equates is nothing because it’s all bad. The system made injustice and nobody really denies that. They’re afraid of we the people’s voice, since we know truth naturally and cannot rightfully so accept the system hellbent on destruction.

They profiteer off energy because that’s their main stranglehold to energize the system. Free energy already exists and that’s called life.

Profiteering off corruption really means nothing. The world people built looks like hell. The system was designed to fuck us all over. Everyone was born in soul, but will you die that way.. The natural connection is earth and don’t get with artificiality. What they built was meant to destroy us and it’s obvious even in the layout.

What they’ve done is about the deconstruction of life. People have withheld the moment only to live lies. Life is not but just a moment.. life is eternity. What they done to life is meant to restrict. Who the entire system of the world, they mean death.

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