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FREEDOMBERG – the Bullhorns of LIBERTY

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June 14, 2013 in Activism


The public individual’s ability to speak their minds freely on topics that are important to liberty is great. Though in these times we need professional mouth pieces – not as individuals in independent forums – but as an ALLIANCE.

I’m hereby using this space on planet infowars to call on very specific members to come together to form this alliance of voices to be the torch carriers in the movement of truth -










All of these individuals have had to face mainstream media scrutiny separately for far too long. It’s time for these people to fight fire with fire and really stand up with their minds and abilities that have put them individually where they are today. The fire will be harder to fight when it is coming from all directions to form a circle of liberty which can’t be doused. Let this articulate fire spread like a wild fire with us,  the loyal individual audiences, fanning the flames!

I would like to call on some of the alternate medias most prominent  voices to come forward and join together to create a round table of TRUTH. These members would gather together either in person (preferably) or in group video can’t to expose the hidden agendas behind our public leaders and gather perspectives from all corners of believers in liberty. The congressman and lobbyist find it too easy to negate points of truth when spotlighting an individual, it’s much harder to do when you have many commentators bringing up many points at once on topics to back each other up.

Strength in numbers
Have you ever watched any of our modern defenders of the constitution on TV and said to yourself  “WE DIDN’T HE OR SHE SAY THIS!? WHY DIDNT HE OR SHE BRING THIS OR THAT UP? THEY DIDN’T EVEN MENTION THIS PART OF THE ARGUEMENT!” All too often we have seen politicians and “panels” on mainstream media picking off single members and reporters of the alternative media. We’ve watched people like Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones or Ron Paul on fox news, CNN, or MSNBC having to stand alone in defense of each others actions and statements always separately. Imagine if Ron Paul was actually in the conversation on TV to defend himself when Alex Jones was being questioned as a guest or viceversa on any one of these shows. Imagine all of these individuals TOGETHER going head to head with the likes of people such as Dianne Feinstein and Mayor Bloomberg in a Public debate.

When you mess with one of us, you mess with ALL of us.
The time for self glory on the internet has passed. The time to get 100 million Youtube users has passed. The time to sell your latest book on amazon has passed. It’s time for the heads to come together to create a think tank to speak for the masses. Since our congress is obviously full of poison, it’s time to extract the poison with TRUTH through the means of the right of assembly and free speech (practice what you preach).

Imagine a video on youtube featuring all of these voices together in a sit down debate with people like Mayor Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, Keith Alexander,James Clapper etc. It is the duty of our PUBLIC representatives to answer the PUBLIC in forums other than those of the government owned mainstream media. The end result would be devastating to the credibility of the corrupt leaders and mainstream media’s information manipulation,and the restoration of law and order as defined under our Consitution could truly begin. This is what INFOWARS is all about.

I would leave it open to invite other members to join this coalition. As for right now these are the ones that come to mind. I chose these individuals on the basis that they have been ultra articulate in their discussions and have all many times brought up points that have woken many individuals up and also inspired awakened minds to turn thoughts to action.

This is only an idea. I do not know the contractual legalities of forming such a “committee”, or contractual obligations of these individuals to be in such a group and am not  asking any of these individuals to make themselves a legal or public target by being a part of this. What I am asking for is a voice to congress, the politicians,  national leaders and to the publlc made of many voices and schools of thought which cannot be reckoned with in the eyes of liberty, only strengthening the principles of the Constitution and to undermine those public leaders trying to destroy it..

If you would like to see “FREEDOMBERG” become a reality please leave a comment below. If you have any other ideas suggestions or questions on how this forum could influence the population by coming together in discussions and/or debates, please leave a comment below.

It’s 2013. The next election is in 2016. DO want want your vote to actually COUNT like it’s supposed to? We do not have time to watch our country and freedom destroyed over the next 3 years. It’s time for our officials and media to have to answer to questions of what their agendas are which are so quickly destroying everything our forefathers fought for built for us.  It’s time for Justice, not war. It’s time for unity, not separation. The time is nigh.



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2 responses to FREEDOMBERG – the Bullhorns of LIBERTY

  1. AH! Yes…Theseare GOOD!
    Jason Bermas DEFINITELY.
    Katherine Albricht as well.

  2. Interesting. There are others that should be added to the list. Some off the top of my head:

    -Gary Johnson
    -Jill Stein
    -Justin Amash
    -Ted Cruz
    -Dennis Kucinich
    -Bernie Sanders
    -Jason Bermas
    -Max Keiser
    -David Icke

    ;…There are so many you could add. The roundtable organizers would have to be independent of party or platform affiliation with journalistic integrity.

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