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Found A New Use For My Bumper Stickers!

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December 3, 2012 in Activism


Hello everyone, I run a small business out of my home and ship out about 10 packages a week. Now, recently I had purchased a bumper sticker pack from the Infowars store and after putting a few on my cars and handing some out I still had a ton left over. They sat there for a while but recently I decided I would slap one on every package that I send out in hopes that maybe sorting facility workers, mail carriers, and the recipient of the package will see the info and  be curious enough to check out the website. I post this because maybe this is something other people can do as well and we can help spread the site/info. Hope to hear from anyone and everyone here, Thank You for your time.



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11 responses to Found A New Use For My Bumper Stickers!

  1. This is a WASTE of good stickers, after the box gets to its destination your sticker goes to a landfill. Why not put them on a metal light pole at a busy intersection atleast 10 feet high so the bad guys can’t just peel them off ?

  2. Fu#kin’ Brilliant idea

  3. I hope this is not a dumb question, but I am very interested in doing the same. How do I get 100 bumper stickers?

  4. GREAT IDEA!! Im doing this esp during christmas season 8)

  5. That’s really cool! I’m going to start doing that myself! HA!

    • Every person counts! And it literally takes about two seconds to slap the sticker on the box. Plus the sticker pack is on sale right now at the infowars store, so people can not complain about it being too costly.

  6. Yeah, Excellent I found the the bumper stickers fit on the outside of my laptop and Ipad. So as soon as I open my laptop or read my Ipad there is a sticker saying INFOWARS OR 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB.
    The only problem I had was an airport security tried to remove the sticker I threated him with damaging my property and called other security people to stop him. When I left the point I saw 2 workers people giving him a good talking too.
    Keep Up the good work.

    • I am sorry that you were harassed by what I believe to be, an ignorant airport security person. But I am glad that he was reprimanded at least to some extent. Nothing hurts more than the truth. And he was incredibly out of line trying to remove the stickers.

  7. Great idea~very innovative!

    • Thank you, I really can’t believe it took me such a long time and probably missed out on hundreds of packages, but later is better than never.

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