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Forced Flu Shots in Western Maryland

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December 6, 2012 in Activism


I just confirmed that the WMHS (Western Maryland Health System) is forcing ALL employees to receive flu shots or face termination. The big issue is nobody will fight it, and nobody has legal representation good enough to fight it.

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3 responses to Forced Flu Shots in Western Maryland

  1. So far, I’m told everyone has taken the shots. This area, like many others, is so economically depressed, that you have no choice. Also, to update…ALL VENDORS for the health system must receive shots as well. I’mm guessing that the next move is that if you wish to be a patient anywhere in the system, you must be vaccinated as well.

  2. Have the people pushing this issue taken their shots?

  3. wow..
    hey join this group and post a report on this if you can..’

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