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Fluoride Fightin’ Tuesdays in Raleigh, NC

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October 4, 2012 in Activism


Fluoride Fightin’ Tuesdays in Raleigh, NC

October 4, 2012

Marcus Hill
Greater Raleigh Resistance

A small band of North Carolina patriots met via the social network PlanetInfowars and decided to launch a campaign to rid our fair capital city of the practice of introducing hazardous toxic wastes to our water. We have been emailing local government, calling to garner support, and speaking at Raleigh City Council meetings. We are available via the group Greater Raleigh Resistance through www.planetinfowars.com and would appreciate any and all assistance other patriots in our area or around the world are able to offer.

Tuesday evening (Oct. 2, 2012), individual members of Greater Raleigh Resistance spoke for the second time at the Raleigh City Council meeting. The questions asked by Katie Haberman(therefore the issue on the floor), as well as the issues raised by Rachel Godfrey and myself (similar as they all might be), were never addressed by the Council which simply moved on to the next individual. Interestingly, the person preceding Ms. Haberman, and the person following me, were both afforded a conversation and upwards of ten minutes on the floor, individually. Each individual raising concerns over mass poisoning was hurried and constantly reminded of time constraints.

When the meeting was adjourned I mentioned that issues remained on the floor unresolved. The Council was compelled to reconvene, make a motion to keep poisoning people or not, and vote on said motion. This second unanimous vote in two months was swift and made without discussion of the facts presented. Raleigh and the numerous municipalities served by its water system will continue poisoning people and protecting a public policy that is anathema to public health.

Raleigh’s practice of poisoning people through the water supply began with a vote in 1956. As can be seen in the video, Ms. Haberman questioned the continuation of a policy begun at a time from which the electorate is largely deceased and the idea of better living through chemistry and mass medication was more readily acceptable to a public unaware of the horrors such practices can create in an individual or a population. Naivety may have ruled the day in the 1950′s, but those of us who choose to be conscious and informed can not bow to the power of the status quo simply because people 56 years prior were propagandized and bamboozled into becoming revenue generating filtration systems for the phosphate fertilizer industry.

Ms. Haberman presented the Council with the Certificate of Analysis from PCS Phosphate, Inc., the company from which Key Chemical purchases “fluoride” to be added to Raleigh’s water. Hexafluorosilicic Acid, Lead, and Arsenic, and other chemicals are added to the public drinking water under the umbrella of water fluoridation and the Council was questioned as to the efficacy and safety of adding these known toxins to our water, as well as the rationale for doing so. It is unlikely the voters of 1956 had access to a Certificate of Analysis when they were presented with a mass medication scheme ostensibly to protect their teeth.

The Food and Drug Administration acknowledges that fluoride is a medication used to prevent tooth decay, not a nutrient. Mass medication programs like this are patently unethical and criminal. Rachel Godfrey stood for all of us when she spoke the words, “I have an inherent right to be informed of the risks and benefit of any medical treatment and the right to choose to accept or reject that treatment. I DO NOT CONSENT to being medically treated through the public water supply by hexafluorosilic acid or any other drug for that matter.” The fact that Ms. Godfrey had to remind anyone, not simply a governing body of a relatively small city, that we have individual property rights is absurd in this country. We all have inalienable property rights. We are all our own property. We own ourselves. Those property rights have been repeatedly trampled, with little discussion and without delay, by our Raleigh City Council. Those who can not withdraw consent to introduce any substance to their bodies do not own themselves.

The September 4th meeting of the Raleigh City Council did allow for the illusion of discussion and even found the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services agent Dr. Jean Spratt in attendance in order to defend the longstanding policy of poisoning the public water supply. It was on the basis of Dr. Spratt’s presentation of the DHHS’s position on fluoridation policy that the Council voted on that date to continue poisoning the citizenry via the water. The DHHS did not have a propaganda agent at the October 2nd meeting, but I did maintain an email correspondence with Dr. Spratt following our meeting after her presentation in September. I asked her to substantiate the numerous specious claims made on September 4th. It was those claims that I dismantled this past Fluoride Fightin’ Tuesday.

The Raleigh City Council reconvened this past Tuesday in order to poison people.

The individuals comprising Greater Raleigh Resistance will reconvene in November to protect the rights of Raleigh’s greatest minority, the individual.

We will be speaking in the Raleigh City Council’s Chambers (Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 West Hargett St., Raleigh, NC 27601) on November 6th at 7:00p.m.

Petitions to address the Council must be received by the City Clerk one week in advance and can be found here: www.raleighnc.gov/government/content/CityClerk/Articles/AddressTheCityCouncil.html

Join the Fluoride Fight. Resistance is Victory.

Videos Featured in Article:
October 2nd 2012;
Katie Haberman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LqGA8VJudQ&feature=plcp

Rachel Godfrey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiRIrY1t6cM&feature=plcp

Marcus Hill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mBGoeo9zx0&feature=plcp

September 4, 2012;
Dr. Jean Spratt (NCDHHS): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGDvDdtCXk0&feature=plcp

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  1. Well written, encouraging article!
    Each one of the speakers opposing the continuation of water fluoridation presented relevant and factual perspectives worth repeating and spreading. You’ve completely covered the scientific, ethical, and financial aspects of this issue in great detail and with personal examples as well. Seems like all you need for victory is time, support, and endurance. I look forward to your group’s victory over this mass medication sham, and hopefully afterwards, you can be cited as a victorious case for Alex’s hometown of Austin. Texas and North Carolina can join up on this issue!

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