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November 16, 2012 in Activism


So the FBI locked my computer for a little over an hour telling me I would have to pay $400 to have it unlocked. Please watch my video for more info and PLEASE share it for the sake of Liberty.


Turns out my computer may have been infected by ransomware. I’m not sure what happened but the circumstances were a bit weird due to the fact that I was watching “Conspiracy Theories.” Either way I’m wondering if I should remove the video. Should I?

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3 responses to FBI LOCKOUT

  1. its malware the fbi did a statement i think about 6months ago stating they been getting calls about it since late 2009 i belive. what it is is a virus (malware) that literally shuts down your computer i got it once and had to crash my system (format then reinstall everything) im not sure if an antivirus program can get rid of it because once you have an internet connection it locks your computer so you try to disconnect the internet reboot and run the antivirus but doubt it will work it looks very offical but unfortuently the fbi wants to arrest and detain people for internet piracy or anyother illegal activities they deem is inappropiate than to take a bribe of a meesly $400 when they will get at least $500 with the fines and courtfees + wasting taxpayers money supporting the criminals aka jail/prison time so its a scam a very clever scam that is a pain to get rid of ill search for the article and post it here so you can read it

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