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Don’t Ever Doubt God

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March 9, 2013 in Activism


God holds the universe together. Created the true laws of physics and dynamics of space. Omnipotent yet humble in power. Omnipresent and still provides forgiveness. The love of God causes men to thrive. Their faith capable of spectacular feats. Love from such infinite perfection provides true power. It is wise to have pure intentions without a self-centered mentality.

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4 responses to Don’t Ever Doubt God

  1. why not doubt god, i doubt anything that demands total submittance without reason and claims to love you but will punish you eternally for not loving it back.

    you cannot claim to love unconditionally and then set conditions, that is a breakdown in logic.

    • It’s a very complex subject. I use to somewhat doubt the validity of God and Christ, yet the love/power provided from them turned out to be very real. I am a mess without the Lord. God warned us about sin, not from a selfish standpoint but rather for our own good. Since God is perfection, it is illogical to doubt or not love such source of righteousness.

  2. Yes, this is good! Thank you for these words. You’re a blessing my friend :-)

    • You’re welcome. All praise and glory to God! The other night I suddenly received a strong urge to write about this and these words for the most part just came to me.

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