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Zoe Blunt/Tracy Park Exposed! DGR, FTW, ELF – Derrick Jensen – Eco-Terrorism

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November 30, 2012 in Activism


UPDATED (with some new information on her links to ELF in bold below):
Here is where the evidence goes to quantify connections and information about Zoe Blunt, everything in this poster will be referenced to things illustrating the ties:

Please feel free to watch END:CIV on youtube for a little background research, where Zoe Blunt appears in the movie:

END:CIV is quite the disturbing movie, it advocates violence and “direct action” whilst slamming ghandi and peaceful protest, and amazingly slamming greenpeace and sierra club for being not doing enough (as in for not engaging in “direct action” which is a marketing term to make “violence and vandalism” more politically correct).

The poster illustrates threads of association which I will illuminate viewers on:
Since 1972 the Rainbow Family of Living Light, a loosely organized and anarchistic nomadic community

Here is Tracy Park’s ties to the Rainbow Family:


and here’s a quote from the above link:

[10] Tracie Park is a member of a group known as the “Rainbow Family,”



It is my belief that this establishes firmly the association of Zoe Blunt with “Anarchist” movements.

Oddly, it isn’t really anarchism if it’s consensus based collectivism as noted here.

Here is proof of Tracy Park’s association with Deep Green Resistance:


Anybody could always check out her blog (which I have retained copies of for documentation in case it disappears) and read her praise of Derrick Jensen and praise of Direct Action (which as far as I know is totally contradictory to the “non violence” ideals which supposedly the Rainbow family embrace.

Moving along I’d like to demonstrate her association with a thief and the association with the ELF according to the FBI’s allegations:


And now more juicy associations:


Here we see Tracie Park commenting on the eco-terrorism situation regarding the ELF. An organization which in my opinion is something which she is deeply associated with:


This google search certainly turned up something interesting, in a later article I plan on trying to obtain the full list as it may as well be an ELF membership list:


Check out the masta’s, Derrick Jensen and other DGR associates, notice Rebecca Rubin is in there, as well as “Arrow” as a “soulja”.

The complete list was found at the following link:

1(masta)John Zerzan 2(soulja)Daniel San Diego 3(masta)Daniel Quinn 4(soulja)Rebecca Rubin 5(masta)Chellis Glendinning 6(soulja)Billy Cottrell 7(masta)Charles Eisenstein 8(soulja)Tre Arrow 9(masta)Derrick Jensen 10 ELF FTW

Here is how Tracy Park ties in with “Tides Canada”.

Forest Action Network $7,000.00 CANADA               http://www.fanweb.org/index.html

the above link goes to a list of grantees, Forest Action Network is on the list.

She is director of Forest Action Network Victoria

She is also the director of wildcoast canada.

Both FAN-VIC and Wildcoast.ca associate heavily with Tides Foundation affiliates.  I will illustrate this in an update, from free buses, to union aid, to donations from the left-wing, to movie nights at the A-Channel (a corporate television network), to praise and frequent mention from the Times Colonist without any real reporters digging into this lady’s history.  There is no real news in this town, just mainstream media garbage!

As for issues of credibility with regards to criminal issues, have a look at the following:


Not to mention the many ties with the 2010 Olympics protests here in BC.

And here’s some interesting information about undercover police investigation into the circle of activistocrats in Victoria:



http://mostlywater.org/node/78802 - “No 2010 Victoria spokesperson Zoe Blunt”

Obviously Victoria’s “Social Justice Movement” has not done their research on what sort of individuals they have champion their causes!

According to a report from Ryan Elson of WAC Victoria, Zoe Blunt had placed a call to his fiancee’s phone number to verify intel before a short time elapsed where the following blogspot site appeared.  Notice the word “doxxed” which is clearly anonymous l3375P34K (leetspeak for the layman).  Thus tying in the final remaining association here.  A police report was filed where he had reported to the police the obvious intention of her harassing phone call and vetting of contact number details.

Here is the evidence backing up Ryan Elson’s report:

And here is a timeline of events which is continuously being updated by Ryan as well:

Here is public statement by WAC Victoria regarding the targeted antics of Zoe Blunt:

And for reference here is that poster as well:

Infowars.com Videos:

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