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Decoding Illuminati Mind Control. The Tip of the Iceberg.

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August 9, 2013 in Activism



Gender segregation.

Gender segregation is most likely the most powerful mind control mechanism. There is nothing wrong with gender differences and claiming they are to be eradicated would amount to absurdity, but who defines the differences (apart from the natural ones)?

The most pivotal aspect of gender differentiation is of course the pink-and-blue division.

The pink-and-blue division has an interesting history.


As we can read, the pink-and-blue division is a relatively recent invention. Whether such division is sensible – or not – the fact remains society at large adopted it.

Shaming Tactics.

Shaming tactics almost always apply to men. There are many shaming tactics and there is no need to go into them.

The problem starts, however, when shaming tactics lead to deaths.


As we can see, both genders were manipulated into playing their roles. Women urged men to fight by calling them cowards; men, adhering to the masculine-behavior script, went on to fight the bad guys.

The principle remains unchanged and shaming tactics are an effective manipulation tool.  Not many men die because of them anymore, but the psychological mechanism remains exactly the same as above.

I do not perceive females as villains; rather, both sexes are victims of vicious social engineering machine.

Women as Consumers.

A large chunk of the population – females – were manipulated into believing that cigarettes are symbols of empowerment; in short, cigarettes represented penises and social status granted by possessing one. The concept of empowerment is of course defined by social engineers as a response to subjugation. 


A perfectly executed social engineering campaign changed the face of society.

We are a society that developed a form of dissociative identity disorder. In essence, we are selling our image to the outside world in hopes someone is going to notice and buy the product – us.

Whoever decides what kind of product is currently needed – controls the game, because people will be forced to change to find work/relationship/what have you.  

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Have you read Rober Duncan’s book “Project: Soul Catcher, Vol 2 Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed.” Pretty spooky stuff like all of this. Very good but a hard read.

    It is pathetic, these ‘dufus dudu heads’ have nothing better to do with there lives than create a ‘hell’ for others. Just my opinion.

  2. Thanks for the very interesting post. The specifics in your article give more breakdown details of manipulation that I have not seen before. Thanks !

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