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Da Hells Wrong With People?

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July 11, 2013 in Activism


We had a beautiful lightning storm over here in my area tonight, and I was looking at the lightning and just taking in it’s breath taking beauty. It was awesome, I could see God every time the sky lit up from the Lightning, I could see His masterpiece there.

So I walk into the gas station to get a pack of smokes, and this guy behind the counter is just sitting there staring down at his paper work or whatever he’s doing, and so I thought I’d say a little something, and I told him that, “If people can’t see God in a beautiful lightning storm like that than I can’t help them. You know what I mean?” And without changing his facial expression he says, “It’s just a discharge, dude.” And I started laughing and then I said, “Yeah well, scientists can explain it away like that but coming from a Spiritual perspective you know what I mean?” And he says, “You wouldn’t think it was so beautiful if it hit you.”

lol. So I started laughing again and I told him about one of my dad’s friends who got struck by lightning once, and he just kind of grinned, finally, at the thought of someone being struck by it. I’m sure as he was saying that I wouldn’t like it if it struck me he probably followed up in his head with “ya little bastard.”

lol. People have got to wake up and smell the coffee. God is EVERYWHERE.


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3 responses to Da Hells Wrong With People?

  1. The world tries to deny his existence they have bought into a lie from the evil one but i feel him in my heart i hear his voice i see his hand across the landscape as i look from a mountain top and his awesome size in the night sky when the stars are out flashing his words left for me in his bible and the peace he brings to my soul he wakes me in the night to pray and lifts me up when life is hard he is my fortress my refuge in him i trust i wish the world could have what i do in him

  2. huh.
    how’d this get on the infowars RSS feed?

  3. I can relate in finding god in the world around you. Half the time I walk in the park by my place, I stop to admire the trees, look at the ducks, guess, fish, and crawl fish in the lake. I’m not sure how much architecture fit in but I also admire the homes around the lake whether if its god’s imagination or man by their beauty.

    The last lighting watch I had happened at mine and my twin brother’s birthday party, at his place. It was nice and awing experience especially with everything from the storm happening across the lake by his place.

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