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Claims to Walk with God????Seeking opinions of fellow infowarriors..

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February 3, 2013 in Activism


Quotes from Laura Group Admin American Revolution:

You seem a bit paranoid. That comes with the awakening. You will over react to various things thinking they are out to get you.That VERY fear is how they win. You allow them to mess with your head without them even being present. The greatest asset of the evil one is his ability to ensure fear on us. You can’t allow the fear to overtake you. If your truly awakened you wouldn’t have your moey in the bank. In fact, you wouldn’t have your money in US currency for the most part. When the Government comes for you they bring their paperwork. Believe me I have seen it. They tie you up in so much redtape that you can find no relief. They seize bank accounts legally, they seize your property legally, and they arrest you legally, unless someone screws it all up, OR they want to use you as a patsy, a example….or worse, to use your situation to stir the awakened masses. Of course they are gathering info on us all, they have been our whole lives. Don’t think that they can’t predict the future and see who will be a actual threat to them and who is not. They do this with super computers and insider devil trading chips. All we can do is refuse to be n fear, refuse to partake of the madness, and to stand up for what is right, at all cost. Those of us in this fight realize our lives as well as our loved ones are in this for the salvation of humankind. They seized accounts, they will say you have student loans you defaulted on when you never even applied for one, they will say you defauded or failed to pay your taxes. . They INVENT debt for you out of thin air and because they are the Gov you have no leg to stand on in proving your innocence. And to the masses? they belive your guilty of such crimes because they all like to think they are model citizens and that everyone else isn’t as good at being perfect as they are. In the mean time you move, act, and work smartly, and wait till the next sucker punch…but you wait in bliss, in the bliss of knowing that they aren’t controling your happiness, that the universe acknowleges your endeavors and that the tide will turn when there are more that are fueling the change with love and charity and that soon the scales will tip in our favor. You get out of the universe what you put into it, if you put in fear you will live in fear, and fear is the destroyer of mankind. But if you live in bliss and charity then life is wondeful no matter who comes to call. I live in the wide open, I am who I say I am. I know they watch me, but I signed up for this when I decided to step forward like so many others. I know the economy is collapsing, I know the banks have to do with this, but I also know it can’t be stopped. That a carefully layed out plans are being played out by good and evil. I know my destiny and I know that my God is with me everystep of the way, and even in the times he seems to not be with me, that is the fear…..

I am devastated by this attack by someone who claims to walk with God tell me if I am deserving of such a cruel act? She set herself up as Judge and Jury I will not be a party to this how am I living in fear even though I was imprisoned forcibly drugged I have never waivered nor given up. I have numerous documents, audio recordings, witnesses, testimonies. I have college degrees I build websites, computer networks, do vast amounts of research, etc. but I cannot and will not support someone who assaults me for unfounded reasons. I never attacked her character in any way. Anyone who is this arrogant should not be an admin on this network.

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