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CIA’s entire document cache on JFK’s assassination will be released on October 26, 2017

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August 6, 2017 in Activism


The Earth Radio Network, starring Dr Truth and Dr Drake, based out of Jacksonville, Florida, covers many controversial topics. We have guests on about paranormal, aliens, 911, OKC Bombing, RFK, MLK and JFK assassinations. The radio show Earth with great guests such as Jim Marrs, Jack Blood, John B. Wells, G. Edward Griffin, Roger Stone, Wayne Madsen, Chuck Bergman, Ty Bollinger, Holland Vandennuienhoff and so many others are an example of what the radio show “Earth” does, we shed light onto the deepest corners and unknown hallways to expose the truth!

Our most recent show covers the public execution of JFK, so let’s get started.

Dr. Truth: Gentleman open lines tonight so, therefore, dear listener Earth’s listener out there open lines 855-711-8255. Anything goes with open lines we’re going to throw some topics you can call in with your question or comment about what we’re talking about or change the subject. We don’t screen or phone calls anything goes 855-711-8255 for the in duration of tonight’s program..
Guys I’m going to throw out the opening salvo. OK.

Amendment Avenger: All right.

Dr. Truth: And I think it’s quite a very very multifaceted.
Salvo to throw out October 26th of this year 2017. Is kind of an important day..

Amendment Avenger : Yes.

Dr. Truth: October 26 this year pretty important day..The entire. Documents the entire files of the seat of the CIA of the as far as pertaining to the public execution of John Fitzgerald Kennedy J.F.K. is supposed to be released on October 26th of this year.

Amendment Avenger: Very nice That’s 3603 documents..

Dr. Truth: Now let’s, let’s look at let’s look at this, Who’s the only person that can make sure that those documents are not released according to the law that passed right as far as the J.F.K. Act all this..POTUS, The President of the United States is the only one who can say no, ixnay on the hombre you’re not going to release those documents. October 26th well the guy that’s in office right now I’m pretty sure, I’m confident. From what I’ve seen of him thus far and knowing Roger Stone who’s known him for forty years I’m pretty sure he’s going to make sure those documents are released right and the truth gets out to the American people about the J.F.K. assassination right. There no I will tell you right now October 26th will not be a day that you see those released. OK.

Amendment Avenger: Right.

Dr. Truth: Now why would I say that well me either they’re going to strong arm the hell out of the current President of the United States to not do so or maybe the fact that there’s all this looming, all this information is coming out. In the, you know from the globalist into the..into the….umm, what are they calling. What do they call the deep state people now?

Amendment Avenger: Yes

Dr. Truth: That’s the big buzzword lately deep state so. All of this information coming out about doing what. Tango uniforming the President of the United States. And you being in the military you know damn well what tango uniform means.

Amendment Avenger: Right.

Dr. Truth: They’re openly..they’ve been openly talking about that in M.S.M. mainstream media before the election and then it just ramped up and ramped up and ramped up after he was elected. So all I’m saying is you’re not going to see October 26th be a day that those documents are released either way.

Amendment Avenger: As far as the deep state is concerned, of course we had Judyth Vary Baker on this show and we asked her the question why do you think Lee Harvey Oswald’s tax returns are still classified under top secret national security? Everybody’s talking about Trump’s tax returns how about Lee Harvey Oswald’s tax returns classified as top secret under national security. Of course, she said because it shows he was getting paid by the federal government and that is not conducive to the official story, so it is very interesting how that day will probably come and go and whatever they do release they might give a little bit like throw us a couple of you know, breadcrumbs or something like that and then and then act like they fulfilled a requirement but I would be shocked to see just like you said if all of them got released and again 3603 documents they’re supposed to be released and a lot of those people are still alive today so I see what you’re saying.

Dr. Truth: H. W.

Amendment Avenger: H. W. amongst others Porter Goss right and you know former director of CIA under W. and was part of a team forty, one of the original people who were in the CIA back in the day and doing hit jobs against Che Guevara and others. So some of the very same people involved in the Kennedy assassination seem to be involved in either 911 or the post 911 Bush administration’s playing a part in covering it up. So yes.

The Sentinel: Now, they might not release them voluntarily but can somebody go out there and do a Freedom of Information Act and start that ball rolling?

Benjamin Knight: Presumably they could but as we’ve seen with the extortion 17 case which of course we’ve talked about over the last several weeks on this show. Sometimes FOIA requests don’t do anything and nothing happens afterwards but you have presumably that’s what they can do. My response to you Dr Truth is this, anyone who’s listened to this show for any amount of time knows that we’re positive on Trump, however it’s worth mentioning the deep state even with Trump as president the New World Order, the globalist establishment whatever you want to call them they haven’t lost all control and it wouldn’t surprise me. I appreciate what you said there it wouldn’t surprise me if they find a way to block these J.F.K. files from being released the bottom line is this, yeah it was a long time ago but if people find out unequivocally that this “conspiracy” is true that will be the first domino to fall which will enable them, the general public….READ MORE.

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