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Chicago Proposes Sex Ed For Kindergartners

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February 27, 2013 in Activism


Chicago public schools students get their sex education in the fifth grade as most do in the U.S., but CPS wants to change that, so the instruction begins at age 5.

Parents who are uncomfortable with the new policy will be able to opt out. CPS says the curriculum will conform to each age group. For example, kindergartners through third graders will learn about their anatomy, all living things that reproduce, and appropriate and inappropriate touching. While fourth graders will focus on puberty and HIV/AIDs. It’s not until after fifth grade that teachers will lead discussions about human reproduction, contraception and abstinence.

The proposed policy follows the “national sexuality education standards” put together by four health organizations.

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3 responses to Chicago Proposes Sex Ed For Kindergartners

  1. Who in gods name still lives in Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Oakland, San Francisco and Dallas!! Someone else wrote that these cities are communist run, meaning that is the plan for all of us! Herd us into overcrowded cities like concentration camps, give us GMO food, and all the entertainment and violence that comes with it.

  2. so where is the proof, i searched and could find no article from any kind of news agency with this story, i could find the one from the uk sun newspaper aout british kids (and i wouldnt trust the sun it is a tabloid) but nothing about chicago

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