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Chemtrails doing something

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November 11, 2012 in Activism


Ron Paul’s The Planetary Population Protection & Atmospheric Air Purity Act! Yippe were saved!  Its a hoax,  natha, never existed. As far as I can tell Rep. Ohio Dennis Kucinich was the only congressman that had a bill to stop chemtrails.  Hr 2977  It died on 911 with the rest of our constitution.  If there is anything active in congress I can’t find it. This week I wrote Coca Cola.  Pepsi and Ozarka.  Along with a few other bottle water companies here in Texas.  I might wright Dennis tomorrow  He has an environmental page on his web site, but chemtrails have been removed. How in the hell can this clown have Saving the Great Lakes.  Mercury control and Asbestos control  bla bla bla and not even mention chemtrails?  As far as I can tell he was the only congressman that ever addressed chemtrails. I got a few stamps left, I guess I’ll waste one.  I’ve written my congressman twice.  natha.

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