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Chemtrails and The Emperors New Clothes:

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December 2, 2012 in Activism


What is to be said? Actually the Sky Above on the right will, in a few hours, depending on the saturation or dispersal rate, and what wave oscillations, at what strength are passing through, vibrating the metals, those “Love Canel” gifts from on high; Look like the Sky on the Left!…

That does not even begin to address the “Nano” issues, and the proofs of the origins of “Morgellons Syndrome”… It is Not just the T.V.’s, GMO’s, Additives to Water,  and The Poisons that Big Pharma push…  Oh, have to put in a note about how much the “Loving” Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is helping to reduce the World population through their vaccine programs…  ”We The People” are the New Native Americans, and Genocide has raised its Medusa Head and is working overtly to END YOU! and I! …   Cheerful, Huh? …  Survive-All…    Awareness is Preparedness… Well past time to WAKE-UP !!!

Commentary by Otter Walks… 2/12/12…      P.S. Yet another “FORBIDDEN!”    Take Three…

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