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Chemtrail Forecast: For January 11th, 2013…

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January 11, 2013 in Activism



This, I preface, with the personal experience of yesterdays nearly blue sky, which lasted for maybe half of the daylight hours. The chemtrails and the brown toxic haze being driven by the winds, brought in the overcast, we, of an age, know is not normal.  In the consistent sense of weather, something has been tampered with on a Global Scale. The blue sky, that once was, has no place above any longer… The days of blue sky, are never the blue that once was… 

Today, waking prior to sunrise, experiencing respiratory issues, I expected BAD AIR… 

I was not expecting the sunrise glow that began the day. I have lived through Mt. St. Hellens and several other volcanic eruptions that have carried particulates around the globe and created what, at first look, were beautiful skies. The sunrises and the sunsets were colored by the particulate concentrations in the atmosphere… 

This morning was a day like those. The dawn light had a red glow which did not seem real. As the sunrise continued, all directions began to have the same red hue. There was a ring around the horizon that was a sickly dull red. It went from east to west and then connected, creating a full circle of refracted, toxic, glow of a reddish color…   

So here is todays “Chemtrail Forecast”, which may be coincidental, yet it has been evident through the day. Now we are to have days of rain… Who could imagine?  




Having followed HaarpStatus.com for some time now, I see a consistency in their reporting.   

Commentary by Otter Walks on Two Feet…   11/01/13

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7 responses to Chemtrail Forecast: For January 11th, 2013…

  1. I see them spraying here in north west, SC also on sunny days. The last real sunny day we had there were six planes out at once!

    I think states need to put a stop to it the same way they are all trying to get bills pass to nullify Obamacare and punish anyone who tries to implement it in their state. Of course chemtrails from spraying over other states could always drift in the direction of that state but if most states did it, I think it would have an impact. It certainly isn’t helping farmers (I wouldn’t think) in the eastern half of the country.

    • I forgot to add that we haven’t had a really sunny day in weeks and that last time we did they were out spraying.

      • Greetings Emily, I am afraid that the U.S. is the Northern Hemisphere’s socially ignorant zone as regards to the Eugenics movements involving Chemtrails. The program has been in action for so long that we would have to go after NASA and the Air force to stop it. We know that Congress and Barry have no intention of banning this agenda. Monsanto has years of GM development of aluminum resistant, sterile, seed R&D, aimed at the take over of the seed market. This, when the soil is so toxic that nothing except their seeds will grow… ( With their fertilizers, and pesticides…) It all stinks and when we get rid of Barry all of his E.O.’s go as well. So the real push to end this at least from the U.S. end of it, is Nullification… Be well… o… 12/01/13

  2. i watch the trails being poured often above downtown portland oregon. it always seems to be on a nice sunny day when the most people will be out…

    • Greetings devin, I have friends and family in that region, so it has been on my radar. The N.W. is getting slammed by offshore chemtrails that drift with the prevailing Westerlies. They use the cloudy days that are still to spray, unseen by those below. I hate the way “They” pursue the agenda on the seemingly nice blue days. I can count the hours before the brown dirty haze hits here. You shuld also keep up the nutritional aides that block the incoming Fukushima winds and ocean currents with its food sources… Be well… o…

  3. Is there a place where i can get specific info on chemtrails in the North Georgia mountains? It’s been weird here with light brown fog all day some days (even on windy days) ever since that “dust storm” that happened late in 2012. Increased streaks in the sky as well – we didn’t use to have any (maybe 2 or 3 at a time) before July 2012. September – November the sky was FULL.

    • Greetings Xavier, I am working with the chemtrail class action that is open to all… I am looking for information covering the N.E. into Quebec, and the N.W. … I will gladly add your area to my search for unbiased laboratory feedback. The test results are accumulating as people send rain water, well water , stream; as well as soil samples and blood work results. ( Which is in no way cheap to pursue, nor can you trust the results that you are given. That is if you are working with a mainstream Lab…) If you wish to research for yourself, I would suggest that you use the Labs that are listed by the Chemtrail Lawsuit Group… They are listed somewhere back in my posts, if you do not find them let me know and I will find their info for you… Survive-All… o… 12/01/13

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