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Chemtrail Awareness Billboards

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July 25, 2013 in Activism


Please consider making a donation and help secure billboard rental space for the purpose of chemtrail awareness advertising. Donations can be made at this link —- > http://www.gofundme.com/3p6ba8

Of all the subjects I have researched, the Chemtrail issue has always been met with the most skepticism: I’ve been scoffed at more times than I care to remember.What frustrates me the most is how blatantly obvious the program’s existence is.

If you were to go outside and peer up at the sky, chances are you would see the proof of the spraying campaign with your own eyes. I myself observe the phenomenon almost every day, and often point the Chemtrails out to those I am with.

Despite the fact that the proof is right in front of their eyes, most people dismiss the suggestion as unsubstantial. In order to get them to even consider the existence of Chemtrails, it usually takes a hefty volume of documented proof. This is not a particularly difficult task, as there is such a large body of evidence that not only proves Chemtrails exist, but also that the practice has had devastating effects on the environment and public health.

In hopes of spreading awareness about this issue, my goal is to raise $4000 to cover the cost of two billboard rentals for a one month period. Each billboard will display separate photos of persistent aerosol contrails, with each photo taken in the area where the billboards will be seen (Hot Springs, Arkansas). Each billboard will also alert to the dangers of chemtrails with reference to the recent explosion in illnesses related to heavy metal toxins that are routinely found in air, water, and hair samples all around the world.

The locations of the billboards are shown at the links below for those who are interested.



“Truth may sometimes hurt, but delusion harms.” -Vanna Bonta.

“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.”
- Wayne Dyer

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