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“Caesar’s Messiah Doc” REVIEW

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November 9, 2012 in Activism


Before you let out a big sigh and say, “Another person saying Jesus never existed.” You have heard theories, but you have not heard this theory yet.This documentary is explosive in it’s implications. Historians should watch it, as it may be the next front runner of theories that you will have to debate against. Non-Christians, Christians, liberty lovers – this one is definitely for you. You need to watch it a few times to really get all the details. But it only takes one viewing to get the gist of Joseph Atwill’s thesis: a Roman family, the Flavians, created Christianity for very specific political reasons – and they left a signature behind to prove it. Now my main question is if and when this research will be accepted by scholars as the best explanation of the Roman origin of Christianity. I had my doubts about this idea when I first heard it. It sounded to me like another person who is just over-anxious to put a conspiratorial spin on Christianity. But on viewing the documentary, it appears that the history really does bear the claim out. Of course, it should not be that great of a surprise that this would be true. Christianity had to develop somehow, and we can be fairly sure that it isn’t how the fundamentalists are telling us that it did. Joseph Atwill gives a sober, historical, and scholarly exposition on his thesis. It is impressive compared to other conspiracy theories in its sobriety and wealth of historical EVIDENCE and DOCUMENTS. Joseph has not channeled these ideas, and he is not asserting anyone to be of non-human stock. It is simply historical proof that the Roman imperial dynasty was very much like other imperial families in their lust for attaining power and Christianity was developed by them to serve those ends. This work is either GROUNDBREAKING or utter nonsense. I am majorly betting on the former. You should check it out and come up with your own conclusion.



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  1. I just don’t want people to shut this information out because they think I only want to stamp all over their religion or rain on their parade. I don’t want to take the joy from your life. I don’t want to steal your peace. On the contrary, I want to show you that it is bigger than the limitations you have placed on it. That the peace of dogma is only a taste. The universe is so unspeakably vast. If your religion is working for you, then fine, don’t watch this documentary. If you have all your questions answered, you know everything for certain – there’s no reason for you to watch this. But if you are struggling with religion – if it is not filling you the way you hoped, if your are left feeling empty and full of doubt and can’t understand what makes YOU different…this documentary is for you. When are you going to stop requiring that your joy and peace be regulated by these Roman ideas and medieval political theologies? The loss of your religion does not mean that the world becomes dark and meaningless. This documentary will not mean that your relationship with Jesus is not real. Your God is just playing along as Jesus because your mind will only accept Jesus. My message is not one of cynicism, but one of hope for this desolate planet. We have been under the auspices of Rome for long enough. It’s time the truth come out.

  2. Think about it! We are inundated with mythological stories from the time of childhood. The “Three little pigs”, “Jack and the beanstalk”, “Santa Claus”, etc. How many of these stories depart from us with age and wisdom? How many of these stay, and what motivates them to stick within us? How could a belief system stay with a person all they’re life and they never sought to investigate that belief deeper than the fear that paralyzed them to believe in it in the first place?

    Look at it also from the perspective of geography. Most of what a person believes is based solely on the geographical location in which they were born. You have to ask yourself what you believed before someone told you what to believe. We are all blank slates when we’re born, until someone imprints on our minds what to think.

    There has to be a fixed point of reference with which to work from to figure out if what we believe to be true is what we know to be true, and is there a difference. I say go back to the beginning, before someone scared the hell into you!

  3. Dude, I’ve been shouting this from the mountaintop here, and here . It’s only going to fall on deaf ears. Infowarriors are against being enslaved by governments and corporations, but they love their enslavement to religion. The irony is their religion is created by those before mentioned institutions themselves and they know it not. It’s the loopback effect! It’s over their head!

    • I know, it’s ironic. Many people here complain all day about how people react to them when they talk about 911 or some other conspiracy, but when it comes to challenging their preferred “official story (because that’s all Christianity is)” they automatically shut you down. Of course, you have rubbed many people the wrong way here with your approach. I, of course, know you are only saying what you believe. But people have to be approached gently when it comes to “waking them up”. In any case, I think the documentary has an important message, the impact of which has not yet been fully felt. For those of you that find this information very unpleasant and offensive, just know that is the same way people feel when you tell them about fluoride or 911. So, you can feel sympathy for them now since you know how it feels.

      • “the loop back effect” that’s a good way of putting it. I will upset you by saying what you believe about the government is wrong, but you had better not upset me by saying Christianity isn’t totally real.

  4. I understand what you’re are saying, I really do. I think the words “soft approach” don’t really convey what I’m really trying to say. I think last night i was just in a hurry with what I said. What I am really trying to say is that you have to treat people as human beings, and put people above opinions. If you don’t, and are disrespectful and rude, you are just going to activate their defense programs, which are well installed. You can be relentless on their arguments and facts without using an argumentative tone. Fools argue, wise men discuss. Also, just because you have moved beyond Christianity doesn’t mean you have worked out all your issues. It’s just the beginning. I see that you have lost your family over your desire for truth, and that explains a lot to me about your frantic posts. What I am telling you is that persuasion and facts are two different things. You might have all the facts but not be able to persuade anyone because they think you’re a dick or psychologically unstable. I don’t think you’re a dick, but I think you have been caused a lot of pain by the Christian cult. I get that. I have also, although maybe not QUITE to the extent that you have. What you need to do is be a real person, use your real name, and talk about your experiences. Your internet persona is really trollish, although I know you arent a troll. You are just someone who wants to share information. Remember there is intellectual truth and psychological truth. I think the trick is getting a harmony. As this documentary says at the end, people don’t believe in Christianitys because they’ve studied the history intellectually and are convinced, they believe because they want the poetry and the irrationality of it. Life is not rational. But I do get your point, and agree with it to a certain extent.

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