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Brain-Chip’s “Voice Of God” Scares Hypnotized Man To Assassinate Canadian

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May 10, 2015 in Activism


This is just one of the tools used to bring in world wide fascism… Nazi Germany was just a test by secret society organizations to bring in global techno feudalism. Are you a dupe? Most people are oblivious. People who realize what is going on in Canada are suicided by the fascists.

Brain-Chip’s “Voice Of God” Scares Hypnotized Man To Decapitate His Innocent Bus Seatmate.

McLean was assassinated by central-command. Li was their wireless tool of death. Some cults make their initiates swear oaths to have their bodies dismembered and distributed if they break that trust. A person not easy to hypnotize because of clarity of mind can now be hypnotized rather easily, because the brain-chip monitors all thoughts, feelings, fears, hates, loves and manipulates them through AI to induce hypnosis while onlookers see and hear nothing. The ultimate assassins tool can go beyond hypnosis to remove one’s conscious mind and electronically inflict zombie controls via the computer-brain-interface. Under total wireless body control the Manchurian candidate has no memories of any actions.

Man pleads not guilty in bus beheading
http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2009/03/03/man_pleads_not_guilty_in_bus_beheading.html Allowing a brain-chipped assassin to live will result in a pattern of them pleading innocent of horrendous acts. The operators of these covertly installed brain-chips are the true monsters behind any murders.

The Man Who Decapitated His Seatmate on a Greyhound Bus Is Set to be Released
February 26, 2014
Li’s covert brain-chip is still active and he will be used again by central-command to destroy freedom of the innocent by committing another horrendous act or he will be used as one of their wireless zombies in a fabricated apocalypses to further scare the public into consented slavery.

Psychiatry is being set-up to fail here because it is not aware of wireless brain-chips can not be turned off and that the brain has no firewall to stop the intrusion of the “Voice Of God” to return. It is like a cell phone in Li’s head that he cannot turn off. If central-command is allowed to hypnotize Li again, then Li will assassinate again.

Unite humanity with a living new language.
Guess who the wireless “Voice Of God” is. It is all based upon the prison “cell” towers. I find it fascinating that the unfolding of technology has been performed to coincide with the revealing of the brain-interface with the zodiac Age of Aquarius to begin the AI collectivism of all mankind… except the “masters” of coarse. The brain-chip is the ticket that will allow you to live in servitude to your new masters. And the life of Li is what you can expect from power hungry monsters who design to have control of this age. Li was conscious of his acts, but central-command could have done this assassination without Li seeing it. We live in dark times and they will only get darker if non-minions give in.

Magnus Olsson hears head voices only after brain-chip is donated into his skull.

Hey! Brian-chips force Solders to perform difficult acts of aggression.

More about government funded mind control like CIA Cameron, DARPA. Violence Initiative studies discovers more recent mind control activities. High-tech brain chip destroys peoples minds.
DARPA funded through health agencies suggests a black-box in peoples heads, brain to brain communication, exploding brain chip will delete subjects life, tinkering towards destruction.
Psychiatry is used to fill in and substitute for spirituality. Peter Breggin also says Psychiatry is totalitarianism and he is quite right! It guts patient’s rights. Empowering psychiatry is disaster. And now, the brain-chip will be used to destroy public trust in psychiatry because some doctors are unaware of brain-chip synthetic telepathy.

Calm down man… they have been taking over Manchurian candidates consciousness and roboticly walking them around and killing other people for over a decade. The brain-chip assassin has no memory of killing and is convinced their mind is innocent of such acts, but their body was used by central-command as the wireless tool of death. (ie., A gun isn’t guilty of any murders. The guilty is the one who controls the gun.)

The following can be found at http://educate-yourself.org/lte/microchipimplantresistance12sep07.shtml
What are the objectives of the perverted cowards who use microchips instead of facing their opponents? Each group of the perverts has its own agenda, but in general here is what they seek to do:

(1) Make others think that you are losing or have lost your mind. They do this by projecting you with voices whose origins you do not know, causing you to lash out at the voices and react in other seemingly strange ways. People who witness you apparently talking to yourself and making gestures assume that you have gone crazy. You lose any semblance of credibility. To the public and the medical community, you are either schizophrenic or paranoid.

(2) Isolate you from society. By spreading rumors, sending anonymous messages to people who know you, causing irritability in you that makes you querulous and unpleasant to others, people begin to avoid you.

(3) Cause you actually to lose your mind. By projecting the voices and other sounds, applying electronic torture, letting you know that they are watching you every second of the day and night, etc. they hope to drive you slowly into either thinking that you might be imagining those actions or actually drive you crazy out of frustration at being able to do nothing and failure to convince others of the existence of the microchip.

(4) Reduce you to zombie status. By constantly hurling laser rays into your brain, destroying brain cells, they hope to turn you gradually into a mindless individual who from outward appearances suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

(5) Make life physically and mentally miserable for you. The electronic torture and mind control techniques cause you physical pain, mental anguish, and deprive you of sleep, rendering you ineffective in your work and daily life.

(6) Often harassers seek to cause bodily harm and even death by causing vehicular and other accidents due to sleep deprivation. Through the use of the computer program that operates off the microchip, they can also cause heart attacks, gastric problems, and other ailments that might hospitalize you or kill you.

I wish to plant several ideas. A need urgently exists

(1) To create an awareness among the American public that what I have described above is real and that it could happen to anyone.

(2) To impose upon manufacturers of microchips the responsibility to control closely the sale and distribution of microchips.

(3) To start a repository of data on microchip implants and their use in electronic torture and mind control, including the personal experiences of victims and methods that might neutralize those devices.

(4) To establish a support group for victims of microchip implants.

(5) To pass national and international laws governing the use of microchip implants in humans and imposing heavy penalties, including capital punishment, for their misuse.

(6) To persuade psychiatrists and other medical personnel to accept that some patients exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia, paranoia, Alzheimer’s, or dementia may instead be victims of involuntary microchip implants.

Here is a revealing interview with Dr. John Hall who wrote a book “Satellite Terrorism” exposing this organized fraud.

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