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Boston Bombing “Victim as Actor” – Story Dangers

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April 22, 2013 in Activism


I would advise all who care about revealing truth to the masses to be very careful making assumptions about the so-called “Nick Vogt” story.  If his alleged ‘acting’ as a victim in Boston is a false-lead – and there is no evidence aside from some photogenic-similarity – this ‘alternative news story’ could be used to discredit ALL those who expose the govt’s lies and Well-Documented mass-murders – everyone who wants to End the Wars Abroad and Tyranny At Home.

I’m not advocating censorship or even self-censorship. I AM encouraging Responsible Journalism.  Just imagine if the victim – with whom people will understandably have extreme compassion – appears together with Mr. Vogt on Piers Morgan?  What if they give a collective finger to ‘truthers’ as the camera pans-out on their missing limbs?  Then they say “The Pledge” together as an image of the flag waving over the capitol fades in above them, or the bloodied ‘event site’ in Boston, is shown?

If one takes an “inside job” hypothesis on this event – something in no way supported by evidence at this time – one would also have to theorize that “They” would have calculated the “Truther’s” Responses – which, in all honesty, would not be very hard to do.  The assumption that “They” would blame an NRA guy, baited by “some liberal’s” tweets, has already backfired; but this would be 100x more damaging to the cause of Exposing Known and Admitted government blood-letting based on lies and covered up by more lies.

Be smart, people.  Regardless of what characters had roles in the event, we DO know “the government” won’t “let a crisis go to waste,” to quote R. Emanuel, and that psy-ops folks would delight at setting up a story Just Like This One.

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