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Black Carbon Aerosols and Chemtrails Cause Premature Ice-Melts in Greenland and Northern Hemisphere

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March 8, 2013 in Activism


Study: Black carbon aerosol forcing may be an important factor affecting the snow & ice cover in the Northern Hemisphere (Source)

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We’ve had several essays here at WUWT  on the role of Black Carbon soot and its role in affecting surface albedo. Anyone who has ever witnessed “dirty snow” knows that it tends to melt faster than white snow under sunlight because the black carbon on top absorbs more solar energy than the base white snow does. There’s even been some simple citizen science demonstrating this effect in your own back yard.

The black stuff on the bottom of the lakes is carbon dust and pollution in general… but not from one year, but several decades (the topographical conditions don’t change from year to year). On a flight over the Ice Cap a sky clear day, you can see hundreds of huge lakes with the black spot on the bottom.

Black Carbon Ice Melt-a


Black Carbon Ice Melt-b

_______________ Black Carbon Ice Melt-c

_______________ Black Carbon Ice Melt-d



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