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Barry’s Benghazi Truth: A Polling…

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October 1, 2012 in Activism


You all know this… Move along Go to Sleep… Really the poll at the bottom is the point so as not to be redundant for, there is more for the Awakened to do…

Yes, it continues, and everyone should know just how corrupt and truly evil this Person holding the Executive Office is. I am not saying that anyone should vote the lesser of two evils. Indeed we need to act to bring forth the knowledge that HCR 107 a bill of impeachment was introduced in the House. It is not specific to “Barry”. It regards any Person sitting in the Executive Post…

However, if Barry is impeached for the countless offenses of his administration, all of the E.O.’s that have been signed into law outside the Constitution, through the circumvention of the Congress, WILL BE NULL AND VOID!

In the days that Matt Drudge outed Clinton, or ever more when Woodward and Bernstein did Nixon, Barry would not have lasted. From his first E.O. 13489 – 01/21/2009; banning his life’s record, He has created, as of 09/28/2012, 139 Executive Orders.

If the top Law enforcement officer, Eric Holder, can be found in contempt of Congress and carry on with business as usual; What does that tell you?

If “Fast and Furious” the gun walking, drug running, False Flag, intended to negate Freedoms written in The Bill of Rights isn’t enough to impeach, it should at least be used as a tool to Awaken people to the corrupt nature of todays branches of Government.

An American Ambassador was Killed by design… Both the “Batman’ shootings, and the “Sikh Temple Shooting”, are shown to be filled with in your face psy-op planning.

Prior to little Bush’s installment of the Patriot Act of 10/21/2001, No sitting Exec. could put into place all of the entropic powers to erode by design this nation.

The first time that he did the fake left shoot right and was caught, Barry would have been out of office. One reason this has not come to pass is the permutation of rampant corruption through out all of the branches of government.

I am a registered Democrat. I have studied the Founding documents and law. I have studied history. I can tell you without a complete change of U.S. Government, there will be a complete decent into Tyranny.

The broadcast networks are bought and paid for. Gerald Celente,”Trends…” has coined the phrase “Prestitute Media”, and it is on the money. From Al-CIA-Da to Libya, Egypt, now Syria the proxy wars of Barry continue under the Globalist design. Troops with boots on the ground for more than 90 days must be voted on by the congress.

Most of our forces are overseas. Russian and other Nations have troops within our borders and there are more daily. The U.S. has trained them in the use of all of our field and air weaponry. Wait… WHAT!!! The Army has confirmed documents leaked that show both foreign and domestic training manuals are being used to  Preach and Teach tactics which will be used against citizens.

Oh this is Fupe Ducked. I could go on for a book worth of information and I guarantee you that all of it is searchable, all of it is on record. Don’t believe me ( Well that is not true, I am a thorough researcher, and have zero reason to lie. I voted for Him! I took the bait!)  So here follows, having given an inkling of the usurpation of this administration, a poll with it’s results as of 09/30/2012…

With regard to the murders of Benghazi and the outright LIES perpetrated by this administration.

 I would rather give you String Theory, Medicine, Mystic Realism, “Real” Occult Wisdom, Druidism but, it would be easier if we bring in a new age first. That alone would begin the healing on multitudinous levels of Energy. Learn to detoxify the Eugenics Program. Fire all of the Leaches sucking Power from Humanity! Bush and Barry cell mates 2012…


Thank you for voting!
They deliberately misled the American people from the start 89.9% 


They tried to explain what happened before knowing all the facts 5.92% 


Communication breakdown — top officials must not have been talking to intel sources who suspected terrorism 2.81% 


Maybe the administration was right from the start. Maybe it wasn’t a terror attack 1.37% 
Survive-All… o… 10/01/2012 and a beautiful day…



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