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Ask congress and Obama to do their jobs

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December 29, 2012 in Activism


Obama says it well him self,  http://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/weekly-address

But to make myself clear, if I don’t go to work every day, if I don’t do my job or bicker with my co-workers I get fired no questions asked.  Why should we expect Congress and our President do do any less?  Our tax dollars pay their salaries (minus the payoffs they get from big businesses ie: pharma, oil, etc.) and even a good deal of that money is tax payer money.  Shouldn’t we have the power to remove them from office if they don’t show up or bicker with their co-workers?  Our current politicians keep pushing for our country to be run like a business shouldn’t we start with the only thing that ever works in saving any business and that is fix management? If a businesses management doesn’t do its job the entire business fails.  So come January 1, 2013 if our hired management doesn’t do it’s job we shouldn’t pay them come time to pay, if no one pays then they will see how we feel when they don’t do their jobs, and how we feel when their friends don’t pay their way.

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