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Art is the organization of sensory impressions

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November 4, 2017 in Activism


Let’s now try to answer the question: what is art? This is undoubtedly one of the most unfortunate, debated and discussed questions in the history of thought, especially Western thought. The question is also discussed in the East, especially in India, but the discussion in India has followed so many different lines that one can not even begin to compare it with the Western discussion on the subject.

Art is the organization of sensory impressions that expresses the artist’s sensitivity and communicates to his audience a sense of values ​​that can change their lives.

I think, and this is my honest opinion, that this is a complete definition of art that has ever been proposed. Since then, I have not seen anything else so comprehensive, covering all aspects of the subject. Let’s look at it a little more closely, focusing on aspects of the definition related to the theme we are studying: art and spiritual life, or art and evolution. Superior to the man.

First of all, art is the organization of sensory impressions. I remember reading a book about poetry a while ago, and this book began by saying that one must never forget that poetry consists of words. You may think it is hard to forget, but apparently, according to the author of this book, many people forget that poetry is made of words. We can even go further and say, yes, poetry is made of words, but what are the words made of? The words are made of sounds, vibrations of the air. We thus see that all art has as raw material or basic material sensory impressions. This is where art begins, with impressions coming into us through our five physical senses. The basic material of painting is after all only the visual impression, the impressions of form and color, light and shadow, etc. At the same time, the basis, the raw material of music, are sound impressions, different kinds of sounds: loud, soft, harmonious, discordant, and so on. And poetry, what is the raw material of poetry? Again they are sounds, but sounds associated in a varying degree, and not always totally associated, with conceptual meanings. So we have all these sensory impressions coming through the ear, the eye, etc., and we are constantly showering on it, things we see and hear, shapes, colors, sounds, etc., and these impressions are arranged by the artist in an order, a composition. The artist, being a creator, organizes these sensory impressions into a structure, a world, a definite form, so that there is no longer just a chaos of impressions but that there is this body, this thing complete, this work of art.

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