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Apathetic InfoWarriors Can’t Even Sign Alex Jone’s Petition

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February 24, 2013 in Activism


In a little over four days from now another 95,300 and some odd signatures will be required to elicit a response for the following petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-demand-surveillance-technology-congress-and-white-house/C3c6ZsgY , which was originally posted by Alex Jones. Oddly enough, I was one of the few who signed this in accordance with my earlier statement that “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.” How hard is it to generate 100k signatures on something this simple when you have millions of listeners and viewers for your radio and internet tv programs? Likewise, if there are 30k+ people on Planet Infowars then how difficult is it to in the very least reach the 30k signature mark??? Yes, I’d like some feedback and Kristi Hightower’s phone number…

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4 responses to Apathetic InfoWarriors Can’t Even Sign Alex Jone’s Petition

  1. I would have love to have signed the petition and many more like it. Personally i feel that one needs to be done on the impossible change made from 25k to 100k signatures. My only problem is that I have to stay off the radar as much as possible due to my future career goals. I completely agree with the petition and support Alex Jones as much as I can without messsing with my future.

  2. the We the People petition site is a scam to give the public an illusion of a voice. In reality the average induvidual with a good idea will not be heard unless they know at least 150 people and each agrees and takes time to actually make an account and sign the petition. unless it receives 150 signatures it won’t even show up on the search feed. In other words you gotta be famous and popular to have an idea be heard. if that’s not hard enough for your average person with a good idea or legitimate concern they now must get 100k signatures instead of the 25k which was out of reach in the first. Furthermore their is no comment feed to the responses. Their is no accountability. They can spoon out any answer based on their agendas and after the 100k of signatures and extreme effort falls through the cracks. It is sickening to see such disconnect between government and the public. but as you see alex jones even with his fan base is struggling for the signature what about the average individual who does not have a radio talk show.. yup…

  3. 1. Whitehouse likely will not respond even with signatures.
    2. Whitehouse collects record of all those willing to sign such petition.
    3. Most listeners are not aware of the petition given how little it was mentioned.

    But, from my own experience, 99.9% of people in the “liberty movement” are very resistent to putting any significant effort into anything that does not directly benefit themselves.

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