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Anonymous Web Browser

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July 9, 2012 in Activism


This download was revealed to me by a close friend. My friend is one of those computer extraordinaires so I guess they would be the one to provide me with the knowledge of anonymous web browsing, of which I will be sharing with you.

Let’s liberate the browsing online! It’s quite simple to get started. Pull up a search engine and search the keywords “download tor.” You should see a link to Tor Project pop up, go there. (I guess I could have said go to torproject(dot)org). Now, there are several routes from here to go about this, depending on your computer’s operating system. Click “Download Tor.” You want to be sure and download the files that coincide with your operating system (e.g. Mac OSX, Windows XP/7/whatever, etc). I would give specific directions from here, but this site is known to be dynamic; therefore, it is constantly being tweeked and upkeeped. OK, you are almost there.

After you have successfully downloaded the files, you want to Right Click on the file bundle and choose “Run.” Effectively, you will not be running anything and you will not be needing to go through an administrative authority account –> so you should be able to download this file bundle and surf the web anonymously from any computer that can “extract” 7zip files. What I’m saying is that when you “Run,” you are essentially extracting files from the 7zip packaging. Ok, just a little FYI so that you are not as easily discouraged by possible limitations.

Alrighty then, now you should have the extracted files saved somewhere in your computer… go to those extracted files. Pretty much all the files will be used by your computer except for the one with an onion graphic associated with it. Open the “Start Tor Browser” file. Voila! You are ready to be an anonymous surfer.

The Vidalia Control Panel will pop-up, and then the “Tor Browser” will appear shortly afterwards. I would like to make a suggestion, be sure to consider whether or not you would like for your computer to be part of the Tor network. The Tor network randomly generates a new path each time in which your feed is bounced off different locations as it goes from start to finish, thereby masking your IP address. Click “setup relaying” in the Vidalia Control Panel to explore this option further.
Also, you can read up on how this Tor thing works if you want, there should be links to information from the torproject “home” page. There are lots of other anonymous options to use from here, for instance you may want to have a totally anonymous webpage to post political stuff on (like me-which is still in the making.) And of course there are a pluthera of other reasons to browse the web anonymously.

Good luck and I hope this is helpful.

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2 responses to Anonymous Web Browser

  1. Wish i came across this article yesterday, “road runner” had a block on my net, don’t know how to “screen shot” and wanted to use youtube to find out how and the block showed up on all and every site,device I have? Installed and ready to use!

  2. Got it working, thanks!

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