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Anonymous Collective Gathers For Occupy Steubenville Protest

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December 29, 2012 in Activism


| WTF News |
Baran Hines

WTRF 7 News Sports Weather – Wheeling Steubenville

Days after making headlines by drawing attention to the small Ohio River Valley town, Anonymous has organized for a real world protest in Steubenville, OH. KnightSec has called for physical solidarity protests on December 29 and January 5 in Steubenville at City Hall and the town courthouse.

The hacktivist group garnered national attention for hacking the town high school’s football website RollRedRoll.com in retaliation for what has been alleged as a coverup. Anonymous’ KnightSec, led by @KYAnonymous, took it upon themselves to attempt to spur action in the case by threatening to “dox” (release personal info) the football players and accomplices accused of rape and kidnapping as they allegedly shuttled a passed out teenage girl from party to party.

The victim in a clothed photo

Recently, Forbes.com released an article on what they describe as, “the rape case the Internet won’t let fade away.”

Comedienne-turned-Activist Roseanne Barr plans to attend.

The hack made national news as most of the internet learned of the case for the first time through the “#OpRollRedRoll” video, named for the town’s prestigious Big Red football program. The video was taken down promptly by Youtube as it was deemed “threatening”, against site policy.

KnightSec issued what was described as an ultimatum for those involved to make a full public apology by January 1st or be “doxed” in response. Some have charged that this amounts to vigilante justice, and with the way the internet rhetoric is heating up, it could become a problem.

The consensus at WTF News seems to be that this could be the next (well-timed?) step in the campaign for real name internet ID’s in the US.

The case has already had internet privacy issues.

The blogger, Alex Goddard, and 25 anonymous posters are now off the hook as it relates to the defamation suit filed against them by the Saltsman family.


Meanwhile, a settlement has been reached in a Steubenville lawsuit that sought to unmask anonymous commenters who discussed a rape case on a blog.

The defamation accusations against the blogger, Alexandria Goddard, were also dismissed and cannot be re-filed.

Anonymous, carrying the internet free speech on its back, is walking straight into a trap. If the online rhetoric becomes a problem with real violence, the calls for the end of anonymity will begin.

China just recently confirmed it is forcing telecoms to require real name registration. The UN has been seeking total internet control and the US just barely fought off comprehensive internet bills which many websites protested as ending free speech last January, including Wikipedia. The end of internet anonymity is a lynchpin of the coming “cashless society” in the new world order police state. For more information, see the video at the bottom of the article.

WTF News spoke directly with @KYAnonymous, who had this to say.

Me and @themoradioshow on @Q92 did an interview yesterday and I will tweet live from event including rt occupy

On the goals
To show solidarity and that the public need no longer fear corruption or oppression

It also emerged that the site was hacked again after webmaster Jim Parks’ hacked emails allegedly revealed child porn.
Via WTRF-7

Operation “Roll Red Roll” continues as the Steubenville football website has been hacked once again.

Knight Sec also claims the group Anonymous has hacked into webmaster Jim Park’s email. The group says they have found possible child pornography in his account.

They also claim Parks has possibly been hiring the football team to go to different parties and send him pictures of girls they take advantage of. WTRF has not confirmed any of this with authorities. Again, this is what Knight Sec claims to have found in Parks email account.

Parks has responded to those claims in the Herald Star calling them “ridiculous” and saying “I don’t even know any of the (Big Red) football players. I know the superintendent (Mike McVey) and a few coaches, but that’s it.”

Parks also posted this message to the football team website in response to Anonymous.

“As you are probably aware, this web site was recently hacked into illegally numerous times by a terrorist group. The outrageous claims they made while controlling this site were totally false, completely absurd, and totally unfounded. They were clearly both libelous and slanderous, and were not even intended to reveal truth, but rather simply to get media attention and terrorize the Steubenville community. Innocent people have been greatly harmed.

Unfortunately, several national media outlets, including the New York Times, have recklessly decided to aid and abet these acts of illegality and give the terrorists exactly what they wanted by disseminating inaccurate and legally actionable information and accusations. Incredibly, they have done so without even bothering to contact this web site for comment.

We wish to make it clear that we will pursue legal justice against the perpetrators of these evil acts and all of those in the media who chose to help them.

Roll Red Roll

Jim Parks”

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