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Alex kosher Jones taken to the wood shed

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December 1, 2012 in Activism



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5 responses to Alex kosher Jones taken to the wood shed

  1. By attacking Alex you prove one of two things. Either you are a disinfo agent, or you are blind to the bigger picture. The group of people behind the NWO are the same people behind Zionism and Israel. You are trapped in the puppet show the globalists want us all to be in. Alex is going after who is truly responsible for most of the mess this world is in. In other words, if we stop the root problems, then the Israel issue will go away as well.
    Simply put, Alex doesn’t need to waste his time with the small fish, except when it helps to fry the big fish.

    • Spoken like a true AJ’s fanatic with a tint of paranoia.

      Yeah, I listened to Alex Jones for like 3 years. His material is 80-90% great. But he always leaves it quite vague and it felt something isn’t “clicking”. Plus all he does is scaremonger and gives no solutions except for buying crap from his store and sponsors. So I just took his own advice “Don’t believe me, look it up yourselves”. And guess what, there’s a lot of things that AJ spins, omits and doesn’t tell you.

      Ogre, would you not like to know what he doesn’t tell you? When the knowledge is not complete it becomes disinformation. Do you own critical thinking instead of trusting Alex to do it for you. Watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8EweNlo8LA and consider why Alex doesn’t cover it.

      • I already know. I learned these things long before I started watching Alex Jones. What you need to do is to stop attacking Alex and just tell people what you think is important. Attacks diminish the community as a whole. It is what the enemy does; divide and conquer. What everybody needs to do is just share the knowledge and let people decide on their own.
        P.S. Alex is ONE source if information, not THE source.

        • Have to agree with Ogre on this one. Yes Alex does rant alot sometimes and even makes mistakes he is only Human, you are doing nothing by attacking him and just dividing us. All this bullshit that Alex has been infiltrated by the NWO where is the evidence I ask?

          You should be attacking the real enemy and stop wasting time.

  2. ✔ the confusing controversy will no doubt continue until the 2nd Coming of our Lord: ✝ Jesus Christ ✝

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