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Alex Jones Vs Piers Morgan Reaction Video

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January 8, 2013 in Activism


Why is it ok to go crazy about sports, but if you get mad about reality you’re a ‘madman’?

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14 responses to Alex Jones Vs Piers Morgan Reaction Video

  1. Great video and I agree with you.

    “It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine (1737-1809), American Revolutionary, US Founding Father and Author
    I don’t own a gun but I will stand up for the rights too ….way to go alex
    What got me is this PIERS said there is less killing with guns in U.K. well it was 35 well we have a higher population. U.S.A current population is 315,137,703 that is on record…U.K.is 63,181,775.. that was the census from 2011 and the official population clock.. I don’t know ..just think piers was talking from his ass

  3. I was impressed by him and yourself.

  4. Well said, Stuart.

  5. Tore Morgan’s ass up and put him, CNN and the people watching in their place
    There is no time to sit
    They are coming
    Buy as much ammo as you can and hide it
    Wake up!!!

  6. Alex, you need to learn how to calm down and talk in a controlled manner, and not “kitchen soup” when you are debating. If you appear overwrought and upset, it will only discredit you to the general public who does not know you yet. If you could have kept your cool, you probably could have made more points with the public at large. And please don’t include all conspiracy theories in one debate, if you could have just focused on Sandy Hook and the discrepancies there, that could have been your shining hour.

    You need to learn the art of mirroring, (i.e. your host Piers was acting in a calm manner, if you would have “mirrored” that back to him, you might have got him to actually listen to what you had to say. You had valid points to make, and it got lost in the rhetoric. Please keep this in mind for future public appearances, the public needs to hear you and not think you are some kind of “nutcase” that can’t keep his temper in check.

    • Agreed, we all “get it”, we love ya’ Alex, but the general population who doesn’t know you, was probably freaked (and rightfully so. Not the message, the delivery). You could have jabbed away mercilessly with facts, intelligence and your keen wit and sense of humor, without raging. Maybe next time, use the plane trip to meditate and pray yourself up, to keep your cool. Not sure comments about “metal sharks” and challenging Piers to a boxing match were productive (BTW, I’m laughing as I wrote that, I get it, but we must consider the “sheeple” who don’t). I listened the day after, and you shut down the caller from Sonoma county, who wanted to give you some advice and insight; I am also here in Sonoma county, and the people here are really nice, want to do good, and shun gun violence (rightfully so, we don’t want violence) but may miss the point, and throw the “baby out with the bathwater” if they see “a raging conspiracy theorist with 50 guns”. If you get another invitation, which may happen, since the MSM is all over this, get a little more Zen, and sharpen your wit and humor arrows. Peace!

    • It went global most Aussies saw clip-its of the interview all day discrediting Alex Jones but went on to wake up. It made for a good talking platform at work and social media.
      Any publicity is good, i think most people are smart enough to do their own research.
      Well done Alex.

  7. I went out on the article on the interview on Yahoo of which I really thought that most people would have been against Alex Jones (because of past articles of propaganda I have perused) BUT and this is AWESOME, ALL of the top comments, and we are talking thousands of thumbs up, support Alex Jones, Free Speech AND the 2nd Amendment! And, many said it was the most interesting Piers Morgan show!

  8. Funny how Obama has come out making comments after each of the shootings and taking away our rights…..but has nothing to say when someone comes out speaking for our rights like last night.
    Of course, I’m pretty sure Obama would have something snide to say about how “crazy” Alex Jones is, just like Piers did without mentioning anything about how to face these issues without taking away people’s freedoms. After round 2, it was a bash fest all pointed at Alex. At least now we see how afraid these people are of us keeping our freedom and people who will stand up for the constitution. It’s all clear now.

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