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Agricultural Census: Time for Civil Disobedience

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January 30, 2013 in Activism



Celeste Bishop

The National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS Agricultural Census) is due February 4th and people are scratching their heads wondering why they received the census and what to do with it. The most popular thought is to throw it in the waste-basket but that is a mistake unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences.

Do I have to fill out the Agricultural Census?

Yes, you must reply. Do not throw in the garbage.  While you must respond (or receive penalties) you can respond by cover letter saying for these reasons:

  • Religious
  • Constitutional

“I decline” to participate in the voluntary submission and verification process and transfer of my personal information to the federal government.

What happens if I do not fill out the NASS Agricultural Census?

If you fail to respond to the Agricultural Census you will be harassed by “mail, phone or in person to obtain a response.”

What the penalties for failure to respond or fraud?

According to the Agricultural Code:  Title 7 USC, 2204g:

  • Fraudulent answers:  If you do not tell the truth a penalty of not more than $500 will be assessed.
  • Refusal to answer each question shall be fined not more than $100.
  • Failure to provide a social security number there will be no fine or penalty.
  • Religious Exemption: ” no person shall be compelled to disclose information relative to the religious beliefs of the person or to membership of the person in a religious body.”

Am I a farm?

There are several new twists this year in the, “As the Census ReTurns” soap opera.

NEW:  The definition of a farm has changed slightly to any, “premises that has potential to earn $1000 from agriculture.  This does not mean that you engage in agriculture.  You can grow flowers in a pot on your porch and be designated as a farm.

NEW:  This year the NASS is saying that if you receive the census you are a farm.  It does not matter what the truth really is.  DO NOT let them get away getting to voluntarily “agree” that you are a farm.  Do you like paying IRS taxes?  When you voluntarily agree with the government self-validating that you are a farm you are opening yourself up to thousands of pages of regulations, invasion of privacy, new taxes and fees.   With new regulations you become a premises and will be assigned a US asset number.  According to real estate experts the government then assumes first position on your title and you become secondary.  There are two problems with this:

  • Your title then becomes clouded making it difficult to sell your property
  • With the coming Agenda 21 “regulations” you will be liable for a plethora of insane “Save the Planet” mandates.

In the NASS’s own words:  “If you own horses, backyard chickens, large urban gardens, etc., you may qualify as a farmer.”

Where does my information that the NASS collects go?

While the census claims it is to benefit local and national agriculture the aggregate data is sold off and shared between agencies for a variety of reasons.  Your infomrationy finds its way as a tool for trans-national agriculture (agri-business).  With the American debt exploding and the new traceability mandate your assets are being subtly transferred to the government who claims them as their asset.

Respectful Civil Disobedience:

If you have received the NASS Agricultural Census now is the time to exercise Civil Disobedience with your eyes open.  You can respectful answer without answering in a cover letter or suing the religious exemption while you still can.  As with the muscles in your body if you do not exercise them you loose them!  This is a great opportunity to learn the ropes of civil disobedience.

Cut off all bar codes!

Before you send your response to NASS be sure to cut off all bar-codes if you want privacy!  These bar-codes are embedded to track who you are and what you own for their own nefarious purposes that will soon unfold.  These bar-codes, 17 letters and numbers include your name & address.  They may also be on each page.

A word from them trenches

I have been respectfully implementing civil disobedience for many years successfully!  It actually is a pleasurable experience turning the tables on those who would invade your privacy without permission.  Over on the right side on my website I have templates for objecting and responding intrusive census’s and surveys that have been tried by fire in the trenches.

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