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A suggestion to help bring the INFOARMY together instead of keeping us separate WARRIORS

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January 16, 2013 in Activism


I think this site is great and has great benefits, though i think the format keeps our information from reaching each other a bit too much. 18 categories is a bit too much. for instance ..”If you’re listing to this transmission…you ARE the resistance” ….if that’s true then why is activism and resistance in separate categories?

I think a lot of these categories need to come together. I can not tell you how many times i posted the same article under many categories because it could fall under any one of them. Then I was told by admin not to do it anymore because it was seen as spam. This isn’t good and it’s handicapping the users ability to spread the word.

Let’s say that someone posts  a nuclear alert from some part of the country in their group. If they only posted it to their group, then probably no one would even see it if it’s a small group. What category would such a nuclear event fall under to let people know of the potential hazards? Activism? Preparedness? Resistance? Outdoors? Health? So if i mainly check the “health” section when i come to this site, i might never even see the warning if it’s posted in preparedness.

It’s nice to be able to have our own groups but i think it stands to reason that we all need to come together with information as an ARMY of resistance….not individual, spread out warriors. I don’t want to see our individualism disappear here, but i don’t want to miss out on something important and i don’t want others to either.

Some of us don’t have 18 hours a day to scan the site, watch the videos, watch the shows, watch other headlines….. we  need the info IN OUR FACE. It’s all for the same cause and our message for the cause shouldn’t get lost in “special interest groups” -  like it does with our government.

Also the FORUM button in PrisonPlanet should point to THESE forums, not an entirely new site.

Any feedback form users or admin would be greatly appreciated.





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  1. That is a great idea

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