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12 Articles Ready To Be Printed And Passed Out At Your 2nd Amendment Rally

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January 19, 2013 in Activism


infowars.com 2/27/12
FEMA Puts Out Contract For Emergency Camps To House “Displaced Citizens”

infowars.com 12/21/11
Exclusive: Millitary to Designate U.S. Citizens as Enemy During Collapse

infowars.com 1/17/13
DHS Says Gun Owners Are Terrorists

infowars.com 11/28/12
Inmate: James Holmes Told Me He Was ‘Programmed’ To Kill By “Evil” Therapist

CBS news 12/7/11
Documents: ATF used “Fast and Furious” to make the case for gun regulations

infowars.com 3/16/10
HR 645: U.S. Preparing for Civil Unrest

infowars.com 7/4/12
Homeland Security Report Lists ‘Liberty Lovers’ As Terrorists

infowars.com 3/11/09
Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists

prisonplanet.com 12/12/11
Obama Administration Demanded Power To Indefinitely Detain U.S. Citizens

infowars.com 5/3/12
Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America

FOX 31 1/2/13
Schools close after ‘Batman’ theory connects Newtown, Aurora shootings; predicts future target

prisonplanet.com 1/5/13
Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Praise Bin Laden, Celebrate 9/11 Attacks

Don’t be shy people. You’re all welcome to reply with other material to hand out.

Everyone knows deep down that the terror attacks and mass shootings are staged, that Homeland Security is really for war against free thinkers, and that the 2nd amendment isn’t for hunting but for protection from bullies who wear black uniforms. All they need is the right proof to confirm their darkest suspicions which they dare not admit even to themselves. Give them permission to THINK.

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  1. Thanks Zack for putting this out – Real Good Looking Out Bro !

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