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10 Affordable Ways You Can Make Your Rental Look Expensive

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November 11, 2017 in Activism


There are strict rules and regulations when it comes to rental properties and renovating. As the property doesn’t belong to you, you don’t have the right to change things up as you please. If your rental property is a bit of a mess, here are ten non-permanent and cheap ways you can upgrade your property.

Upgrade Your Taps

The hardware of your home, including kitchen and bathroom taps, can make or break the bathroom and kitchen. You don’t want to live in a place with a leaky or tough tap, so why put up with it? Upgrade your old tap with a modern kitchen tap from complete home maker, and watch your kitchen transform.

Add Removeable Counter Tops

Speaking of taps, if you’re sick of seeing outdated and ghastly tiles and the countertop in your kitchen, the best bet is to hide it temporarily. Now, of course, you can’t replace the whole thing itself, but you can mask it with removable countertop laminate. It sounds kinda tacky, but it can be totally worth it. Say goodbye to those outdated ‘60s countertops and say hello to something modern, up-to-date and temporary.

Lay Down A Rug

If your floor is far from pristine, it may be a good idea to just hide it with some funky rugs. You can layer more than rug down, and you can easily lift the face of any room with a beautiful rug online.

Add Mirrors

If your space is small, you can make it appear larger by adding a couple of mirrors. Large or small, mirrors can make a huge difference in your home, plus they reflect light, making it appear brighter and more welcoming.

Add Art (If You’re Allowed)

Not every landlord will allow you to hang art, but if yours does, make sure you take advantage of it. Hanging artwork not only expresses your personal taste and style, but it also masks any flaws that your property may have.

Switch Up Your Light Fixtures

Something temporary and that can make a huge difference to your property is changing up the lights. You can add dimmers to your lights, upping the ante for romantic evenings and movie nights, and you can upgrade the actual fixing so you can keep your room looking fresh and updated.

A Lick of Paint

Something small can make the biggest difference. A lick of fresh paint can be all that you need to change things up in your space, and it can be inexpensive and the most effective.

Removeable Wallpaper

If you’re a fan of a feature wall, but you’re restricted with commitment, why not try removable wallpaper? Fun, fresh and easy to install and remove, this idea is great for the artsy tenants.

Hide The Ugly

You can always just hide the room’s flaws by adding pot plants, shelves and larger furniture, so you can avoid those ghastly eyesores, but not get into any hot water with your landlord.

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